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Home Improvement Tools » Blight bills pass state House committee, give ‘tools’ to communities

Blight bills pass state House committee, give ‘tools’ to communities

Blight bills pass state House committee, give ‘tools’ to communities
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HARRISBURG – Bills to attack neighborhood blight and revive older communities are getting a rollout this week in House and Senate committees.

The House Urban Affairs Committee approved bills Monday to make the state Housing Trust Fund more comprehensive on a statewide basis and provide a local property tax abatement to property owners and developers rehabilitating blighted properties. The Senate Urban Affairs Committee will meet Wednesday to move anti-blight bills in that chamber.

The reach of the Housing Trust Fund is limited now to counties in the Marcellus Shale drilling region since its main revenue source is an earmark of impact fee money from gas drillers. The House panel approved a measure to give the trust fund another revenue source with a portion of money from the existing state realty transfer tax on homes sales. This bill if enacted would enable the trust fund to tackle housing projects statewide, said bill sponsor Rep. Thomas Killion, R-168, Newtown Square.

These would include projects to fix blighted properties and provide affordable housing, including rental homes, he said.

Tax abatement

The 10-year tax abatement bill would apply to those rebuilding a blighted property or in an deteriorated area, said sponsor Rep. Judy Ward, R-80 Hollidaysburg. The bill states that all code violations must be corrected, zoning requireme…………… continues on News Item

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